Tint Inc.

Professional Window Tinting Specialists
1011 Crain Highway South
Glen, Burnie, MD 21061

Other Services Provided:
  • Tail-lights & Head-lights tinting
  • Custom Vinyl Designs
  • Auto Glass Replacement


Some simple reasons why people get their windows tinted:
  • Privacy when parked or while driving
  • Protect the interior from fading
  • Keeps the car cooler during the summer
  • Help save a little gas by not using as much of the A/C
  • Not as much glare while driving
  • Gives the car a clean, sleek look

Some facts about our film and our warranty:
  • We currently carry four series of film: Charcoal (CH), BQ Professional Black (BQ), OZ Ceramic (OZ), and Llumar High Performance.
  • Percentages we carry:
    - 50% [BQ & OZ Only] - MD Legal
    - 40% [BQ & Llumar Only]
    - 35%*
    - 20%*
    - 15% [Llumar Only]
    - 05%*
  • Rejects up to 99% of UV rays
  • Rejects heat up to 90%
  • Lifetime warranty on bubbling, peeling, and cracking, turning purple, wrinkling up AND FADING!
*Available in CH, BQ, OZ Ceramic, Llumar
Authorized dealer for Llumar Window Film.

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