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F.A.Q [Frequently Asked Questions]
1. What film does Tintinc use?
Tintinc Window Tinting of Glen Burnie, MD offers 5 of the highest quality window films. Llumar Window Film (ATC, AIR, CTX and IRX Series) and Maxpro Window Film(Mjp Series)

2. Does Tintinc provide any warranty?
We are pleased to provide a lifetime warranty along with a
manufacture lifetime warranty for bubbling, peeling, cracking, turning purple, wrinkling up and fading!

3. How long does window tinting usually take? Can I wait for it or should I drop it off?
Tinting a vehicle at our tint shop should take no more than a hour, hour and a half at more (application may take longer if extra services are included).

4. What are the main difference between each series?
Each series offer the same exact warranty stated above #2. Main difference between each series are the heat rejection that the film offers. For more information please call for more details.

5. Do we take walk-ins or appointments only?
Appointments are always highly recommended so we can set aside a bay and the working hour for your vehicle without you having to wait on other guests. Walk-ins are welcomed!
Call us at 410-761-0003 to make an appointment today!

6. Does the film Tintinc use fade in colors?
All of our series are color stable window film and will not deteriorate to a purple or any other color.

7. After I get my windows tinted, how soon can I put my windows down?

During the summer, keep your windows up (including sunroof, try keeping all kind of air entering your vehicle, AC is fine) for 3-5 SUNNY day's. Cloudy of rainy days will not count. During winter or colder days, keep your windows up for 5-7 SUNNY days.

8. What tint can I get on my car to be COMPLETELY legal?
For a Passenger C-Class vehicle, to be completely legal, you can only have 50% on all windows (except windshield),
In Maryland, tinted vehicles need to read 35% [Visible Light Transmittance] or lighter.
SUV/Trucks have different laws though. Front two windows (drivers/passenger) needs 35% (or lighter) to be legal. The back windows, you can black it out as dark as you want!
Front windshield, legally, for SUV's/Trucks/C-Class Vehicles, you are only allowed to have 5 inch strip, or down to the AS-1 Line. Any tint covering the whole windshield is subject to a repair order, no matter what percentage.

9. Will my tinted windows help my interior from fading?
Yes, getting your vehicle tinted, or you business or residential windows tinted will help interior fading.
It will also help keep your home/business/vehicle cooler during the summer, and during the summer, it will help keep your area warmer.